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TUI Building TUI University (TUI) is a fully online, accredited and student-centered university. The majority of TUI students are military, federal, state, and local government employees. In particular, TUI’s online model is tailored for law enforcement lifestyle, duties and learning needs. This is why TUI was selected as an Academic Partner of the National Fraternal Order of Police (NFOP) and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD).

TUI University offers quality Bachelor, Master, and PhD degrees in Business Administration, Information Systems, Health Sciences, and Education. TUI’s programs enhance the critical skills required for efficient and professional law enforcement career advancement, and provide an academic foundation for stronger earning power.

Law enforcement sworn and civilian employees, spouses, and their dependents enrolled at TUI are eligible for a special tuition discount for public sector employees known as FTAP - Federal Tuition Assistance Program. With FTAP, TUI’s affordable tuition has been reduced by 27.5% for Master degrees and by 15% for Bachelor degree programs.

TUI maximizes law enforcement officers’ credit transfers from Community Colleges, ACE, DANTES, CLEP, POST, and Military Colleges by offering an efficient degree plan that reduces costs and time to graduation. You can Learn more or visit TUI at

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