Top Ten Signs you’re way out of shape E-mail

1. You get winded if you change the channels fast.

2. You haven’t been able to see your own feet while standing since 1987.

3. Your time in the 40-yard dash is 27 seconds.

4.Taco Bell sends you “Thank you” notes.

5.There is no combination of bread and cheese that you wouldn’t kill a man for.

6. You and your patrol partner are the same height, but when you’re both in the cruiser, she appears to be a foot taller because of the vehicle’s tilt due to the weight differential.

7. The last time you worked out, people were talking about this new thing called “aerobics.”

8. If you add your blood pressure reading to your cholesterol count you get a number between seven and eight hundred... thousand.

9. You get dizzy getting out of the car.

10. You think vegetables qualify as cruel and unusual punishment, which you are sworn to help prevent.

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