Top 10 reasons to worry about your pension E-mail

1. Most of the money is invested in the home mortgage market.

2. The head of the fund is addicted to poker and has a second home in Las Vegas.

3.Your city is facing a budget shortfall bigger than the GNP of France.

4. The council has offered to replace your pension benefits with free lottery tickets.

5. The last time your police association got a detailed account of the fund was during the Carter administration.

6. They’re talking about investing heavily in a chain of theme restaurants launched by Britney Spears.

7. Some company in Dubai just took it over.

8. Public sector workers are the only people in your town that have a pension.

9. The world could end tomorrow and you’d never get what’s coming to you.

10. The whole $322 million fund is kept in cash in a Brooklyn basement.

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