Top ten signs you need a raise E-mail

1. You did the math and realized it will take 20,000 hours of overtime to pay for one year of college for one of your kids.

2. You're seriously considering taking a position with a security firm that will pay you 20 percent more than you make now to work in Kazakhstan.

3. The last time you could afford to take your wife out for dinner and a movie, E.T. was playing in theaters.

4. You're actively pushing for a take-home car program because your Gremlin was repossessed.

5. Your body armor allowance is eighty-five whole dollars.

6. You live in St. Paul, and you're taking the family on a two-day vacation to Minneapolis.

7. You were alarmed to find out there's no such thing as a fourth mortgage.

8. The under-paid public servant routine is wearing thin on your wife's wealthy father.

9. Your oldest just graduated from college and you immediately hit her up for a loan.

10. You're a rookie with the NYPD.

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