Top Ten signs the suspect is not a serious terrorist E-mail

1. He’s declared a jihad on illegal aliens from the planet Voltar.

2. His “dirty-bomb” was actually just a plastic bag with a used diaper encased in leftover Indian food.

3. He brought footage of his terror-cell’s training exercises to a Circuit City in New Jersey to get it converted to DVD.

4. She’s wearing a T-shirt that says, “Evil-Doer.”

5. He has indicated that there’s a bomb placed somewhere in the city and he will detonate if his pizza does not arrive in 20 minutes.

6. She was kicked out of the Earth Liberation Front for owning a Hummer.

7. Bomb-threat called into school on finals day by dumbest kid in the class.

8. His plan is to strap missiles to Penguins and set them loose in South Dakota.

9. He says he wants the head of the American infidel called Batman.

10. All of her training came out of the book, “An Idiot’s Guide to Holy War.”



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