Top Ten Things You Don't Want to Hear During Surgery E-mail

1. The watchamacallit is making that noise again.
2. I guess we should have checked to make sure the donor organ arrived before we started the transplant.
3. Scapel. No not that one, I need the curvy one.
4. Hey doc, isn't this the guy that arrested your wife?
5. What the hell did I do with that spleen?
6. I wouldn't worry about it Dr. Harris. People are like cars...lots of exrtra parts.
7. Well what if he does find out we left the clamp in?
8. The back-up generators should kick in any minute now.
9. More tequilla shooters, stat!
10. The shin bones connected to the leg bone, but what is the leg bone connected to? I knew I should have memorized that song.

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