Top Ten Ways to Tell the Rookie's Not Cut Out For The Job E-mail

1. He keeps asking when he gets to meet Sipowicz.
2. Files a complaint after he’s forced to remove the CD-changer and 18 inch woofers he installed in the cruiser.
3. She got confused when assigned to a stake-out and ordered out for steaks.
4. Keeps asking when he gets to shoot somebody.
5. Says take-out food makes her sleepy.
6. He keeps telling you not to worry, times have changed, that thing where you sent him away on possesion with intent was so long ago that he’s not even that mad anymore.
7. Pesters everyone daily about showing up on their own time for pre-tour prayer/breakfast.
8. Always saying he doesn’t discriminate and that he tries to hate everyone, no matter what their color.
9. 5’4"- 324lbs.
10. Sings Miranda warning to suspects to the tune of "Oops – I did it again."

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