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Top Ten LE casualties of the recession E-mail

1. Take home cars

2. Regional drug task forces

3. Ratified contracts

4. Hiring

5. Interoperability/designated law enforcement channel on digital broadcast spectrum

6. In service training

7. Public alerts: Amber, silver or terrorist threat by color charts.

8. Caliber of new recruits

9. Fuel and maintenance funds for air support and mobile command centers

10. Less money, more work

The Top 10 things that don't mean anything E-mail

1. “Tactical underwear solutions”

2. The deal you make with yourself around this time of year to finally drop ten pounds.

3. Pats on the back from politicians holding the purse strings.

4. Terms like “dividend suspension program” that actually mean, “you’re not getting the money.”

5. Promises made by an alcoholic.

6. Results of sex and drug surveys of high school students. “Yeah, that’s right. I have sex five times a day and I’m an international drug lord! Am I cool or what?”

7. Potential.

8. The threat of incarceration for unauthorized mattress tag removal.

9. Political slogans like, “Yes we can!” “A thousand points of light,” and “Just say no.”

10. Most of the stuff anyone is saying at any given point in time anywhere in the world.

Top Ten ways not to start the report E-mail

1. Hear ye, hear ye:

2. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

3. What it do players? Here’s the deal:

4. From the desk of the world’s greatest cop

5. Four score and seven years ago…

6. Will whoever took my red stapler please return it ASAP.

7. Dear Mom:

8. I was pretty wasted, so don’t put too much stock in the details of the following incident report.

9. He ran, I chased…yadda, yadda, yadda…

10. There once was a perp from Nantucket.

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