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Testimonial of Mike Kampen—a sergeant working for a large California law enforcement agency, and a TUI University future graduate (class of 2010) E-mail


Now as I get close to finishing my degree in Business Administration, I appreciate TUI more than ever, and I would like to share with you my thoughts and experience.

TUI University is a valuable resource for federal, local and military police officers. For me and many others, TUI provides an opportunity to pursue our educational goals. I would like to give you an update on my progress.

I have been attending TUI University for several years. I am working on my fully online B.S.B.A. With my career, family and other commitments, I am not sure I could advance my education any other way. Prior to finding TUI, I had completed many college courses but seemed to make little progress. The staff at TUI changed that. They were able to analyze all of the course work I had taken and my professional training and recommend a realistic approach to accomplishing my goal of earning a degree.



TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN - Altus Brands, LLC, a Northern Michigan-based manufacturer of BughatsTM is extending a helping hand to the Louisiana coastline oil spill clean-up, by donating 1,000 of its hats to volunteers helping in the "Save Our Gulf" effort.

Bughats unique design will not only protect clean-up workers from biting insects, but also the sun, explained Altus Brands, LLC president Gary Lemanski, in announcing the donation this week.

"Following news about the spill caused us to think about what a small company could do," explained Lemanski. "And though large corporations and government are ramping efforts, we decided to do something quickly that might help a little. We're in this together and need to help each other."

DoorStorm Forcible Entry System available from is a game-changer: quiet, quick and effective E-mail

OfficerStore DoorStorm

Once again, is on top of the latest developments in law enforcement tools and technology. Faced with a locked door and a need to enter quickly, the usual remedy has been a battering ram, or perhaps a 12-gauge broaching round. While those methods may work, they're noisy and can be dangerous, announcing your arrival to those on the other side of the door.

The DoorStorm Forcible Entry System is a literal game-changer. It's a mechanically operated, hand-cranked door opener that operates with no hydraulic systems to fail, leak or require maintenance. Using spreading jaws with a force in excess of 13,000 pounds, the DoorStorm is easily carried and used by one person.



New C4® LED Tactical Models Are Light-Weight, Ultra-Compact and Offer Strobing

EAGLEVILLE, PA, July 1, 2010 ---- Streamlight®, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance lighting equipment, announced it introduced the PTTM series of flashlights on January 1, designed to give users ultra-compact, light-weight tactical personal lighting tools with up to 180 lumens measured system output and 50 hours of runtime over a distance of more than 125 meters. Each of the new lights, including the PT 1L, PT 2L, PT 1AA and PT 2AA, features a strobe setting, providing first responders, occupational users and consumers alike with even greater versatility.

"These lights are the smallest and most lightweight in Streamlight's line of handheld tactical products, yet are powered by a C4 LED to provide super brightness and long run times," said Streamlight President Ray Sharrah. "The combination of their small size and power LED makes them among the brightest tactical personal lights for their size, useful for night-time situations, secondary lights on the beat, all-purpose lights for hunting or camping, for repairs or inspections on a shop or plant floor or for do-it-yourself applications."

Pelican Introduces The 2490 Recoil LED (With Traffic Wand) E-mail


TORRANCE, CA - July 1, 2010 - To prevent FOD (Foreign Object Damage) in an aviation or military environment, Pelican Products has introduced the 2490 Recoil LED (With Traffic Wand) as a secure, tough and versatile traffic wand.

Engineered with a 2410 Recoil LED flashlight body, the 2490 features a polymer-based, opaque white traffic wand that screws on to create a secure and water resistant seal to prevent accidental separation. Additionally, it comes with a host of color discs (blue, red, green and yellow) which can be installed to create different color signals for various applications.

Original S.W.A.T Introduces the WinX2 C.S.T.* E-mail

Original SWAT

*Composite Safety Toe

Original S.W.A.T. has added a new safety toe boot to its WinX2 boot collection. The WinX2 C.S.T. (composite safety toe) is completely metal-detector friendly and features a convenient YKK side zipper for easy on/off. The composite safety toe is ASTM F 2413-05 rated and meets the 200 Joules Impact test standards.

All Traffic Solutions Launches First Web-Based Traffic Signs. E-mail


Embedded data capture tools generate actionable information for law enforcement departments.

From the floor of the Police Security Expo - Atlantic City, NJ - June 22, 2010 - All Traffic Solutions, the leader in providing solutions to improve traffic safety outcomes, today unveiled the next-generation of traffic safety signs-web-based "smart signs" that provide law enforcement departments with the tools to capture and report on key traffic data. Attendees of the Policy Security Expo, an annual event showcasing the latest products and technology for use by law enforcement professionals, are the first to preview this exciting new technology.

WV Trailers provides affordable, rugged, reliable, built-in-the-USA elevated platforms for agencies nationwide. E-mail

WV Trailers

Law enforcement agencies, whether they are engaged in traffic monitoring, crowd control or simply providing a presence, all have a need to an elevated viewing platform that will provide a safe and visible presence.

Fort Myers Police Department Awarded Traffic Safety Grant E-mail


New radar speed display will be used to slow traffic in school zones.

All Traffic Solutions, the leader in solutions for traffic safety outcomes, awarded the Fort Myers Police Department (FMPD) in Fort Myers, FL with a Traffic Safety Grant. The department presented compelling information on its traffic safety needs in and around its schools, a situation compounded each year by the influx of "snowbirds," or temporary residents coming to Florida for the winter. The outstanding grant application submitted by FMPD earned them a portable radar speed display.



Welcome to the New Ice Age

ST. CHARLES, MO (March 10, 2010) Propper International, manufacturer of the highest quality garments for military, tactical and law enforcement use, sets a new standard for wicking technology in the new Propper I.C.E.TM Performance Polo. Propper I.C.E.TM (Integrated Cooling Effect) technology breaks the mold of traditional wicking by increasing the fiber's surface area with a six-channel design, drawing moisture away from the skin and drying 125% faster than cotton and 30% faster than traditional polyester. Because this technology is engineered into the fabric itself, the wicking properties will never wash out like chemically modified fabrics. The Propper I.C.E.TM Performance Polo keeps you cool and dry even during intense activity while maintaining a professional appearance on or off duty.

Harris Aiding the Haitian Relief Effort E-mail

Harris Provides Critical Communications and Coordination- on January 12, 2010, an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale struck the island nation of Haiti 16 miles west of the capital Port-au-Prince. Approximately 300,000 people were injured, one million were left homeless and an estimated 230,000 perished in the devastation. Critical infrastructure, including electrical networks, hospitals and communications systems, were severely damaged in the quake, and hundreds of relief organizations from around the world rushed to Haiti to aid in the recovery. Harris Corporation responded by sending a team equipped with communications equipment whose mission was to deploy an EDACS (Enhanced Digital Access Communication System) Xtreme LMR System and distribute hundreds of handheld radios to provide critical communications for delegations from the United Nations, CHF (Cooperative Housing Federation) International, USAID, the Federal Aviation Authority, Immigration and Customization Enforcement, NetHope and other emergency responders and relief teams.

Zistos introduces a new cost-effective Thermal Pole Camera System on a telescoping and articulating extension pole. E-mail


The Thermal Pole Camera System (WS-TPS-A9) facilitates quick and thorough inspections of hard-to-search areas using thermal imaging technology. Individuals trying to avoid detection by law enforcement in low-light environments can be seen on the body-worn display with the image created from their body heat. The pole camera can be inserted into areas dangerous or difficult to access such as attics, crawlspaces, etc. The WS-TPS-A9 is fully compatible with the tactical surveillance options and accessories available from Zistos.

Leupold’s Deltapoint re-invents the reflex sight E-mail


Leupold’s entry in the reflex sight category comes with a motion sensor that activates the sight’s illumination the instant you move your weapon, as if that wasn’t enough, the Auto Brightness Sensor adjust the illumination to match your eye’s adaption to the ambient lighting. And it does it all in a compact sight that weighs less than ¾ ounce! Only Leupold could do it.

Headcam Records a Cop’s-Eye View E-mail
Written by Richard C. Paddock, AOL News   
SAN JOSE, Calif. (May 17) - Each day when San Jose police officer William Pender goes to work, he straps on his badge, gun, radio and Taser. And then he attaches a small video camera to his left ear.

The camera is part of a test program. Throughout Pender's shift, it records whatever is in front of him. With the push of a button, he can save the video and audio of his interactions with citizens, suspects and fellow officers. It is the way of the future, he points out.

"It's actually really cool," he says. "You can look from my point of view. What I see, the camera sees."

Pender, a 15-year veteran, is one of 18 San Jose police officers participating in a pilot program to test the head cameras. Called the Taser Axon, the camera is made by Taser International, which also makes Taser electroshock guns.

Pelican™ Launches High Level Case Customization Capabilities As Pelican-Hardigg Advanced Case Solutions E-mail

Pelican Logo

Targets Protection of Mission Critical Equipment in
Military and Commercial/Industrial Uses

TORRANCE, CA - May 25, 2010 - Pelican Products announced today that it has launched and branded its high level case customization capabilities as Pelican-Hardigg Advanced Case Solutions. Additionally, they've rededicated their innovative, regional custom case facilities as Pelican-Hardigg Advanced Case Centers. These Case Centers are the industry's first and only factory authorized sites offering high level case customization services.

The Advanced Case Solutions business is dedicated to creating custom protection systems for sensitive, mission critical equipment. These systems are designed to not only protect the equipment in all types of transport situations but to assure that it operates as designed when failure is not an option in the field. "No other case company in the world can provide the variety of equipment protection solutions and expertise that Pelican can," said Lyndon Faulkner, President and CEO of Pelican Products.

Pfizer Makes Generous Donation To NLEOMF Museum Campaign E-mail
Pfizer, the world's largest research based pharmaceutical company, is getting behind the effort to build the first-ever National Law Enforcement Museum in Washington, DC, with a donation of $25,000 to the Museum's capital campaign, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) announced today.

The National Law Enforcement Museum will tell the story of law enforcement in America through exhibits, collections, research and education. Groundbreaking for the world-class institution will take place on October 14, 2010, with the Museum scheduled to open in late 2013.

Digital Ally enters Law Enforcement Speed Detection Market with introduction of LaserAlly Handheld LIDAR System E-mail

Digital Ally

Digital Ally, Inc.,which develops, manufactures and markets advanced video surveillance products for law enforcement, homeland security and commercial security applications, has announced the planned introduction of its new handheld LaserAlly LIDAR System for vehicle speed detection.

"LIDAR systems have been used in the law enforcement industry for a number of years, and the technology is recognized and accepted by courts as an accurate means of detecting vehicle speed," stated Ken McCoy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Digital Ally, Inc. "Our team has years of LIDAR and RADAR experience, allowing us to introduce our new LaserAlly with knowledgeable representatives, supported by Digital Ally's brand name and excellent reputation for quality customer service."

Streamlight Renews Support of Organization That Aids Survivors Of Fallen Police E-mail


Company Provides Sponsorship and Product Support to COPS for 11th Year

EAGLEVILLE, PA - May 14, 2010 -- Streamlight®, Inc., a leading provider of lighting tools for the law enforcement market, renewed its sponsorship of Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS) for the 11th year in a row with a contribution of cash and in-kind product donations. The company's contribution will help to fund COPS observances during National Police Week, May 9-15, in Washington, D.C, an annual event honoring fallen officers and their families, as well as support programs held throughout the year.

"As the lighting tools brand of choice by law enforcement professionals who put their trust in our products in the line of duty, we are steadfast in our commitment to COPS for the support they provide survivors of fallen officers," said Streamlight President Ray Sharrah. "We share a deep commitment to law enforcement, and are proud to support COPS programs that help the families of fallen officers re-build their lives."



Enhanced computing capabilities, screen brightness and battery life with unrivaled durability

Secaucus, NJ, May 12, 2010 - Panasonic Solutions Company, manufacturer of durable, reliable Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers, today introduced the Panasonic Toughbook 31, the most powerful fully-rugged notebook computer on the market. With an Intel® CoreTM i5 or i3 processor, 1,100 nit touchscreen display and rugged certifications beyond MIL-STD-810G and IP65, the new device enables superior data access and productivity for any mobile professional facing extreme environments. These professionals include first responders, military personnel, and field workers in industries such as telecommunications, utilities and energy.

Ankle Holster from DeSantis for LCP and P3AT E-mail


DeSantis Gunhide continues to supply the best in concealed-carry for the new generation of small, concealable autos with their introduction of an ankle holster for the Ruger LCP .380 and the Kel-Tec P3AT. The rig is available for both right- and left-leg carry, and will accommodate the Crimson Trace laser sights.

Pelican™ Introduces The Compact and Powerful 9410 LED Lantern E-mail


TORRANCE, CA - May 3, 2010 - Pelican Products has introduced the rugged 9410 LED Lantern as their most powerful hand held lighting tool ever.

Engineered with an array of four next-generation LEDs, the 9410 LED Lantern shines a smoke-cutting 710 lumens/43,200 candela peak beam intensity.

The 9410 LED Lantern offers three illumination modes (high, low and flashing) with a water-resistant electronic switch that toggles between modes at the push of a button. The switch also features an integrated battery level indicator that illuminates when the lantern is on - green (more than 75%) - amber (Between 75% and 25%) - red (25% and lower). Powered by the latest in Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable battery technology, it boasts nearly two hours of run time (4 hours and 45 minutes on low mode).

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