NYPD pulls plug on FBI task force E-mail
Written by APB Staff   

According to a recent article in the New York Times, the NYPD has informed the Federal Bureau of Investigation that it plans to pull all six of its detectives from a joint task force that investigates armed bank robberies. Law enforcement officials with knowledge of the plan told reporters that detectives, who are currently assigned to FBI headquarters in Lower Manhattan, would be redeployed to units around the city to focus on broader crime issues.

"They can be better deployed working major cases throughout the five boroughs," Paul J. Browne, the department's chief spokesman told the Times.

Although police officials sought to frame the issue as a deployment matter, one law enforcement official familiar with the situation described it as an effort by the police to "disband, without disbanding" the combined bank robbery unit.

Another official said: "It would be a bad thing. This was the model for F.B.I./local law enforcement task forces, and it's been effective. I think there is a concern that if this happens, that effectively indicates the end of a successful 32-year arrangement."

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