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Written by APB Staff   
There are very few enterprises that are "recession proof." But one type of business that has done very well even as the economy has tanked is what are now known as "brestaurants."

Unlike your ritzy joints that charge an arm and a leg for a small piece of chicken with some vegetables like the now-bankrupt Tavern on the Green in New York City, food and beverage providers that have scantily clad female employees like Hooters are doing great.

And then there's the popular junk-food joints where waitresses busting out of their suggestive nurse's uniforms take your blood pressure as you enjoy fried Twinkies.

Some coffee shops are packing them in after hiring attractive young women and outfitting them in tight bikinis.
But not everyone is pleased with the trend.

In Everett, Washington for example, bikini baristas and their employers may find themselves under greater scrutiny as the city considers a change to its lewd conduct ordinance.

The proposed changes to the ordinance don't mention bikini baristas specifically, but they do contain odd language that seems to target them.

One change adds the following to the definition of a public place: "... businesses contained in structures which can serve customers who remain in their vehicles, by means of a drive up window."

It's not hard to imagine that the "boob patrol" assignment might be popular with some cops. And that's got restaurant owners sweating bullets.

"Law enforcement should worry about law enforcement and not worry about trying to police up an espresso stand," Bill Wheeler, who owns several coffee stands, told local reporters.

But others say bikini stands need to be policed so espresso joints don't start offering lap dances and other "adult services."

Amanda Staveley works for T-N-A Espresso, but it's not what it sounds like. The "T and A" stands for "Tasteful and Appropriate."

"You don't want to bring your child outside of your car and have them look and see a half naked girl standing at a coffee stand," Staveley told the Associated Press.

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