We Walk With Our Heads High E-mail
We ask ourselves why?  Why do we do it?  Why risk our sanity, pride and health to pursue a career in this thing called law enforcement? Is it because we have been the product of an unjust personal experience? Perhaps it is because we have seen the injustice of this society thrust upon those undeserving sheep, seeking only to provide a decent life for themselves and their families. 

We do it because we see the tide. We see the enormous tsunami of predators roaming the streets of American society.

We see that every man, woman and child should have the right to walk down the street without fear.

People should have the right to get in their car, put that card in the ATM, or sleep at night with the windows open without fearing the wolves will come and devour their innocent soul.

We have chosen this life.  We don’t know why, but the job has also scarred us for life.  We do not seek recognition.  We do not seek riches or a pat on the back for a job well done.

We do it because it is right.  It is a just and noble cause.  It is something that we feel in our soul has to be done.

Someone has to take a stand.  Someone has to bear the scars for the society we serve.

We have to proclaim to innocent families and ourselves – “No one is going to hurt you when I am here.  No one is going to take your innocence from you.” 

Our job reminds me of the fable of the sheep, the wolf and the sheepdog.

The sheep have the luxury of leading lives innocently, unaware of the danger the wolves pose to them. 

We stand as the noble sheepdog that, without fear or thought, places our lives in harm’s way to protect the lives of the sheep.

It is inherent in us to stand and face the fear that others run from.

While others debate the worthiness of this profession and reduce it to a level of cost of operation and a necessary evil, we will stand by their side and protect the right for them to think so.

We have not chosen a monetarily rewarding career and it certainly does not bear well on our sanity, but it does do one thing – it affords us the opportunity to walk with our heads held high, to be proud of our accomplishments and go home each and every day knowing that we make a difference.

Kevin W. Brandon is a police officer with the Kansas City, Kansas P.D.

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