Homeland Security E-mail
As some of you may know, Sec. 881 of the Homeland Security Act required Secretary Ridge to report to Congress his plan to merge the varying pay plans of the agencies now brought together under the Department of Homeland Security.

Secretary Ridge has filed a report, of sorts. Basically, it is a description of the current plans and a promise to submit a detailed plan later this year.

I would ask your readers to contact their elected Federal representatives to support "6c" coverage for all members of the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (BCBP), which now includes Customs, INS, Border Patrol and certain USDA members.

Border Patrol and some INS officers already have "6c" coverage, and we do not believe there will be any effort to remove that. Therefore, we cannot see how there can be any fair outcome other than extending "6c" to the rest of the officers, but that is not a guarantee.

For those who don't know, "6c" is a provision of Federal civil service law which grants 20 year retirement benefits.

Those of us now working for BCBP have shifted our traditional priorities from narcotics and illegal aliens to anti-terrorism efforts. We are out there every day searching for Weapons of Mass Destruction, including biological, chemical and radiological agents, in addition to our duties regarding narcotics and other contraband.

Thank you,

Tom Mullowney
President, Uniformed Supervisors Association/FOP

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