A Petition Effort Is Underway To Appoint A Special Prosecutor

Justice for JonBenet Ramsey and an end to the doubts surrounding her killing and the embarrassing failure to find her killer can only be achieved through the intervention of Colorado Governor Bill Owens. He can remove JonBenet’s murder investigation from the Boulder District Attorney (BDA), who has failed to take appropriate steps to resolve the matter and appoint an experienced and objective special prosecutor and staff whose subsequent investigation will be unbiased and not influenced by the Ramseys, their attorneys, their hired investigators, or analysts.

As an Assistant DA assigned to the Ramsey investigation, Keenan expressed her belief that an intruder killed JonBenet and focused her efforts on the Ramseys’ neighbor, Bill McReynolds. Since her election to office, District Attorney Keenan has not involved herself in this case. She has forwarded any actions involving “anything Ramsey” to Assistant DA Bill Nagle. Dissatisfied because the police evidence led to them, the Ramseys’ lawyer, Lin Wood, threatened to sue the Boulder Police Department (BPD) and the City of Boulder if Keenan did not remove the investigation from police hands. Keenan appears to have succumbed to that threat by removing the case from the BPD and assigning it to her only two BDA staff investigators, neither of whom have homicide experience. These are the BDA’s only investigators and are, at the same time, responsible for all other investigations by the BDA. Supplementing her inexperienced and short staff, Keenan hired the Ramseys’ friend, and nationally recognized intruder theorist, Lou Smit.

Keenan’s refusal to investigate this homicide, or to thoroughly review the police evidence, or to ask for any assistance from experienced professionals was made evident in April 2003 when she endorsed U.S. District Judge Julie Carnes’ opinion that the evidence in a civil libel case pointed to an intruder (which opinion was made without benefit of official investigation evidence collected and analyzed by law enforcement but instead, on unsubstantiated intruder evidence assembled by Lou Smit). "I agree with the court's conclusion," Keenan said, "that the weight of the evidence is more consistent with a theory that an intruder murdered JonBenet than it is with a theory that Mrs. Ramsey did so.”

Keenan’s prejudice for an intruder theory, together with:

* her appearance of surrendering to threats of a lawsuit made by a civil attorney representing the people who are “under the umbrella of suspicion”
* her actions severing the BPD from further involvement
* her reliance on inexperienced staff
* her hiring of intruder theorist Lou Smit
* her biased, public statements make clear her refusal to acknowledge the official police evidence in this case and her determination not to pursue that evidence or the suspects to whom it points. In effect, Keenan has set the suspects free.

Ramsey attorney Lin Wood sums it up perfectly: Keenan is "making it undisputed that she finds . . . an intruder killed JonBenet.”

Appearing on Larry King Live on May 28, 2001, Lou Smit stated:

"I believe that perhaps they should get in fresh minds and fresh eyes, experienced people
that can take a look at this case with an unbiased view point. That means getting rid of perhaps even the detectives that are working on it now. Getting rid of Lou Smit. Let somebody else in there that can objectively take a look at that case."

We agree with Mr. Smit: The people of the State of Colorado, JonBenet Ramsey and everyone else concerned about this tragedy need “fresh eyes” and “experienced people”. We also agree with Lin Wood: Turn the case over to an “unbiased” agency. That is why we, the undersigned, set forth our signature herewith in protest to the biased and unprofessional handling of JonBenet’s murder investigation by Boulder District Attorney Mary Keenan and her office. We petition Governor Owens, based on the aforementioned facts, to remove this case from the hands of the Boulder District Attorney’s Office. We further petition Governor Owens to assign this matter to an experienced and objective special prosecutor and staff whose subsequent investigation will be unbiased and not influenced by the Ramseys, their attorney, or their private investigators. Assigning this matter to a special prosecutor will guarantee professional handling of a homicide investigation free of bias and influence. It will guarantee full-time personnel experienced in homicide investigation and prosecution. It will guarantee resolution. It will guarantee justice for JonBenet Ramsey.

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