Parole Board has blood on their hands and should resign E-mail
Woburn, Massachusetts Police Officer John "Jack" Maguire was gunned down by a career criminal who was released from prison in February 2009. Officer Maguire was responding to an armed robbery at the jewelry counter of a local department store.

As customers scurried from the store, Jack observed a suspicious suspect, ordered him to stop, and a foot chase ensued. The suspect engaged in a shootout with Officer Maguire, who returned fire and killed the suspect with several direct hits to the chest. However, during the shoot-out Officer Maguire was also severely wounded, and was rushed to Lahey Clinic hospital, where he died as a result of his gunshot wounds.

He was a 34-year veteran and was married to his wife, Desiree, for over 23 years.

Jack has three children, Bryan, Tara and Sean. His father, Thomas J. Maguire, was the former Woburn Chief of Police, and his brother, Charles T. Maguire, recently retired as a probation officer.

As the president of the union representing Officer Maguire, I have a message for the Massachusetts Parole Board, whose members had recently signed off on the parole of Jack Maguire's killer. It was the incompetence and dereliction of duty of the Parole Board that resulted in the tragic death of a true hero, John "Jack" Maguire.

The Board's lasting legacy will be that they set a career criminal serving three life sentences free, who was then able to gun down an innocent police officer.

This Parole Board is a disgrace to those of us who wear the badge. Their members would save us more heartache and pain by resigning from their positions immediately.

I would like to ask them all personally how in God's name they would have allowed an inmate with 23 "D" reports on his prison record and 71 charges on his BOP, including two previous escapes, to even be considered for parole. That vote allowed this career criminal to again terrorize the general public, wreak havoc on a community and murder a veteran police officer.

Unfortunately, the only thing Officer John "Jack" Maguire had was the opportunity to look down the barrel of the gun of his soon-to-be killer.

The Parole Board gave this wannabe-cop-killer the opportunity to go back to doing what he did best - robbing and shooting people.

They didn't have a crystal ball, nor did they need one - any reasonable person with a miniscule amount of common sense would have realized this common career criminal would re-offend if given the opportunity, and they gave him that opportunity. As a direct result of their incompetence, a dedicated veteran police officer is gone, and a loving husband and adored father is no longer there for his family.

As a result of that decision, the friends and co-workers of Woburn Police Officer John "Jack" Maguire lost a man of immeasurable stature and the City of Woburn lost a favorite son.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts lost another dedicated law enforcement officer.

The Massachusetts Parole Board does have one opportunity to do something right - resign.

Jerry Flynn is the executive director of the New England PBA, I.U.P.A./AFL-CIO.

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