Corrections vs police E-mail
Responding to the person who wrote in that corrections is not the job of a cop, I would like to point out that the writer is right. As a corrections officer for 25 years, I have responded to the same types of calls, but on the jail side, we respond without the aid of a sidearm and a lot of the time we have nothing more than our verbal skills as weapons. I’ve seen police officers who have been locked up and they’re famous for wanting something special because we’re all "from the same family." It’s my view that when you cross the line you have to pay.

There have been many times when the police have brought in a violent subject and the jail officers have provided assistance. Let’s stop all this bad talk about each other. We do have different jobs, but we deal with the same people and face similar difficulties. We’re all part of the law enforcement family. And remember, you can take a jail officer and make an outstanding police officer, but it’s very hard to take a police officer and make them into a jail officer.

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