Good points on both sides E-mail
This is in response to the letters that have been written concerning correctional officers and police. Reading all of the letters, there seems to be animosity between officers of different areas. Both make some great points.

First, correctional officers are not police. They are in the "field" of law enforcement, the same as private detectives, security officers, armored car officers, store detectives, etc. All of these positions, and more that I have not named, perform a function in the law enforcement field. They certainly do not have the same type of job as a police officer.

I too have stopped correctional officers for violating a traffic law and the first thing they do is whip out their "badge" and yell, "I am a correctional officer," expecting to get off free. Some of their attitudes need to be adjusted. This is not to say that off-duty police officers don't do the same thing - because they do! I certainly feel that if I am on duty stopping anyone, whether they are a correctional officer or police officer, that I am the one who is to get respect. Anyone who comes off with a nasty attitude deserves a citation for his or her actions.

I commend correctional officers, and any other "private" security officers on the job and risks they put up with. Yes, it is dangerous on the other side of the wall, but I really can't say it is more dangerous than the job of a police officer on this side. Until you have worked the streets of New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Los Angeles, and any other large metropolitan area with high crime, you certainly cannot make that statement.

If you want to be treated as an officer in the "field of law enforcement," act professional and get rid of that attitude that "I am a cop," so let me go! when in fact you are not a law enforcement officer, you are just in the field of law enforcement!

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