Bashing judges E-mail
For some time now, officers with the Buffalo Police Department have been taking quite a bashing. Not from the scum on the street or the liberal muckrackers in the media but from judges who are elected to sit on the bench and act in a non-biased manner.

This slandering of our integrity is so out of hand that our union, the Buffalo P.B.A. is considering making an appeal directly to the Chief City Court judge.

Here’s just a few examples of this disrespect:
Judge: "Officer, how could you sign your name to these lies? This is not a donut shop in here."
Judge: "It is constitutional for a citizen to fight with the police when they feel that the police are making an unlawful arrest.
Judge: (said as three officers were leaving a courtroom where their testimony was not needed) "There goes a wasted three hundred bucks."
Judge: "There is no way a police officer can see if someone is not wearing his or her seatbelt from behind."

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