We're not jack-booted thugs E-mail
We take strong exception to the politicians who have called the federal agents who executed a search warrant in order to rescue Elian Gonzalez, "storm troopers" and "jack booted thugs." These terms used to describe Nazi atrocities, like the men who took thousands of unarmed men, women and children from their villages, lined them up, shot them in the back of the head and dumped their bodies in a ditch. This hardly can be compared to federal agents who participated in a lawfully ordered law enforcement action.

We have demanded that all politicians who used these terms apologize. Law enforcement raid tactics have been developed over the years in direct response to law enforcement officers being killed and injured while executing authorized warrants. We feel politicians can say what they want about the political decisions authorizing a law enforcement operation, but once a law enforcement operation is ordered, we should not have to give away any tactical advantage. We have buried too many law enforcement officers over the years who have died while serving warrants.

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