John & Patsy Ramsey Sue Former Police Detective, Who Investigated Their Daughter's Murder E-mail
From a prosecutor and friend of Steve Thomas, former Boulder Police Detective

Many years ago, a police officer I respect tremendously shared some words with me I will always
remember -- ". . . family takes care of family, and never forget that . . ."

As all of you know, police officers routinely stand in harm's way so that strangers can be safe from those who do not share our belief in the rule of law.

In return for trying to make their communities better places in which all of us can reside, police officers find their efforts second-guessed by being assaulted, both physically and verbally.

In short, another cop is being sued, although he did absolutely nothing wrong.

He deserves better. His name is Steve Thomas.

Steve is a good friend of mine who was a highly decorated 13-year veteran police officer with the Boulder, Colorado Police Department. He was also one of the lead detectives on the still open JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation.

Due to politics, an unworkable criminal justice system in Boulder, and frustrations too numerous to detail, Steve resigned from the investigation and, unfortunately, from police work in 1998. He would later speak out against the injustices he personally witnessed in the investigation.

Now, Steve has been wrongfully sued for libel by John and Patsy Ramsey, in connection with his role in that case and for expressing his First Amendment protected opinion concerning little JonBenet's tragic death.

Steve now needs our support and the support of any other Americans who believe in the United States Constitution. There is something simple, yet vitally important, we can all do to help. "What can I do?" you ask. Please keep reading and I'll tell you.

In the face of this apparent attempt to retaliate against him, former detective Thomas makes it clear that he stands firmly behind his beliefs and his convictions.

We cannot stand idly by and allow Steve to be sued like this by persons who are still "under an umbrella of suspicion" in their daughter's murder.

A legal defense fund has been set up to defray the significant costs incurred by his battling this lawsuit, which Steve is fighting out of his own pocket.

Steve Thomas is being represented by attorneys Daniel Petrocelli and Chuck Diamond. Both of these men are highly regarded trial attorneys, and you may recall Mr. Petrocelli successfully prosecuting the civil wrongful-death suit against O.J. Simpson.

If you believe in Steve Thomas and the First Amendment, as I unhesitatingly do, please participate.

Also, please visit and forward the website link to everyone you know. You can assist Steve and strike a blow for free speech!

Both Steve and the First Amendment need us to step up to the plate.

Remember the immortal words of Abraham Lincoln, " is a sin to remain silent when it is your duty to protest!..."

Now is the time for all of us to step up to the plate.

To view more information about this topic, or to contribute to the defense fund, visit our supporters web site at:


Marty Brhel

~ Marty Brhel is a retired Riverside County, California Deputy District Attorney

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