Pace yourself for the long term E-mail
There are times in history when the world is in great need of warriors and one of those times is now. Many of us lost loved ones in the attacks of September 11 and many of us have been involved in the rescue and recovery operations at ground zero.

These are heroic efforts by men and women whose motives are noble, honorable and selfless. As a trainer, I ask all law enforcement officers to use good judgment and pace yourselves for the long term, despite the temptation to do more than is humanly possible now.

This war we are now engaged in will require your leadership, courage, defiance and abilities to rise to the occasion for many years. You are all role models in your own right and you are all capable of doing great things. Your sense of ethics, honor and perseverance will eventually defeat this great evil which confronts us.

The warrior spirit which has been a vital part of your training will defy the odds that many will succumb to. Your courage and your determination will preserve the freedoms of even those who lack those same traits. It will preserve the freedoms of those that still believe that freedom is a right, rather than a gift that must be earned every single day. It will preserve the freedoms of those who fail to realize that freedom must be earned with the blood and sacrifice of those that place responsibility ahead of power and honor ahead of greed or hatred.

The future lies in your hands and this future holds many hardships and few rewards. And one of those rewards is the knowledge that in each generation, there are but a few true warriors. And within each warrior's heart lies the blood, the soul and the hope of humanity. Only God can know for certain if victory can be earned in this war ahead of us. I can only promise glory to those who find the warrior way before their last day in this lifetime arrives.

And always remember:
A warrior can lose, but will never be defeated.
A warrior can be beaten, but will never be conquered.
A warrior will die,
but will never perish.

--Phil Messina is president of Modern Warrior Defensive Tactics Institute located in Lindenhurst, New York.

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