FBI Issues Annual Report on Officer Deaths and Assaults E-mail
Written by APB Staff   

More than 59,000 law enforcement officers were assaulted last year, according to the most recent statistic from the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports. The annual report also shows that 57 officers were "feloniously killed" in 51 separate incidents for the reporting year 2007 in its' line-of-duty-deaths section. That's up from 48 in the previous year. "Offenders used firearms to kill 55 of the 57 victim officers. Of these 55 officers, 38 were slain with handguns, eight with rifles, and eight with shotguns," according to the Bureau.

"The type of firearm was not reported for one officer’s death. Two officers were killed with vehicles that were used as weapons." Another 83 officers died in accidents, including 49 who were killed in vehicle crashes.  About 32% of all assault cases involved "disturbance calls," a broad category that includes everything from bar fights to domestic violence.  You can read more of the report, available online soon, and look at past years' reporting data at the FBI's UCR Site.

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