Frustrated E-mail

Frustrated I’m a deputy in a small Sheriff’s Office in South Dakota. I have read other letters from officers with a similar problem, so I know I am not the only one with this problem. I have a great boss, but the problem is with the second in command; he has no officer safety skills, he is lazy, he is not totally honest. The last straw for me was when I heard he ignored a backup call while a state trooper and game warden responded. He stayed in the local convenience store. We are not a 24-hour operation, so after a certain time we are on-call. This deputy has failed to get his butt out of bed and respond to calls. I have been tempted to ask the sheriff what type of calls are we supposed to get out of bed for. Recently this deputy shaving-creamed another officer’s car; he said it was a practical joke. The sheriff calls him his “minister of presence” while the rest of us (including other agencies who work closely with our office) call him worthless. I know if I get hurt or even worse because of this deputy, either myself or my family will own this county!

– Frustrated in South Dakota

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