FLSA suit won E-mail

I recently was the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against Big Horn County for violating FLSA regulations. I wanted you to know that American Police Beat played a big role in helping me put this suit together. After reading an article on Will Atchison and how he helped the Honolulu Police Department win a suit for back overtime and other FLSA violations, I contacted Atchison. It's all history from there. The County recently settled for $170,000. I know that this suit has made officers in other departments realize that they can not be mistreated just because they are public servants. I would personally like to thank American Police Beat for doing all that you do.  I believe as public servants, we need a place to learn our rights and receive information that normally would not be available to us if not for people like you.

– Chief Bill Brenner Greybull Police Department.

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