Does anyone care about disabled police officers? E-mail
I searched for over five hours and came away discouraged that the only reputable organizations that I did find were helping the survivors of officers who died in the line of duty. This is not right. Do you have to die on the job to get the help that's needed and deserved? Why isn't there a well known organization out there that is helping our hero officers who got injured and disabled on the job? Why are cops only recognized as heroes when they die? Don't they deserve the respect and honor when they are alive? When military war veterans come home with injuries, the government takes care of them. Ill, injured and disabled police officers also deserve the medical and mental health care that our war heroes get. People don't realize the financial burden that an injury causes. These officers lose their steady income, and their disability pay is so small that it rarely helps and what hurts a severely injured officer even more is knowing that they will never be able to put on their badge and uniform again and go out and serve and protect their community. That is what they trained to do and have the passion for, and to have it taken away from them is absolutely devastating. Officers everywhere should make a pledge to take better care of these forgotten heroes. They may be in their shoes one day.

- Johanna Jacinto (Tracy, California)

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