Attention police officers who are U.S. veterans E-mail

It is a fact that many in law enforcement are U.S. veterans, both prior service military and present military duty in the reserves and the guard

Many of our police officers have been activated for the war in Iraq, which places much of a strain on their families and their department, with no end in sight to the officially un-declared war in Iraq. In addition, the lack of enough National Guard troops here in our own states and the apparent non-support by this administration and Congress towards our brave Border Patrol agents fighting another war on our borders are serious problems we need to address.

We, as U.S. veterans, can fight back at the ballot box. I encourage you to join the “National Veterans Coalition.” The NVC has been formed by a retired one-star general to be a formal political organization, rather than the typical nonpartisan, benefits-oriented organization. The idea is to mobilize the nation's 26 million veterans into a powerful voting bloc.

“If our military veterans can't save this country by restoring Constitutional government, then I don't know who can,” said retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Charles Jones III, the NVC National Chairman.

The NVC is open to current and former military members and their families. The organization has ambitious plans - not just to get people to vote, but also to put up candidates to run for office against both Republicans and Democrats.

The NVC is affiliated with the Constitution party which is the largest third party in the nation and the fastest growing

The NVC stresses six key issues we feel will save our nation:
1. Secure the borders.
2. Promote a strong national defense.
3. Enforce laws to punish employers of illegal immigrants.
4. Eliminate taxpayer subsidies and social programs for illegal immigrants.
5. Strive for energy independence within five years
6. Institute a Constitutional tax system that would eliminate the federal personal income tax and the IRS.

For more information go to the NVC website:
- Larry Breazeale, vice chairman of the NVC, retired U.S. Air Force Reserve Master Sergeant- Security Forces, and current deputy sheriff in California for 26 years.

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