Security guards are taking our jobs E-mail

The FPS was transferred to Homeland Security but guess what? There was a $40 million deficit that went along with the transfer. This deficit arose because agenciee were not paying the GSA for the police and security services they were receiving.

Now to combat a budget shortfall, Homeland Security wants to eliminate the Federal Police Officers and replace them with more private security guards. Does Homeland Security really think the situation is going to get any better with more contract security guards? DHS has a federally trained police department and replacing them with private security guards would be a disaster.

DHS is trying to replace sworn police officers with private security – good reason to believe they are not serious about their mission to the American people. Sounds like what happened to FEMA where professionals were replaced with employees without appropriate training and skills.

Unfortunately, other government agencies are doing the same thing as DHS. Down-sizing and contracting our police departments is rampant. My advice to these bureaucrats is to stop this and hire more trained, professional police officers. Take a hard look at the world - things are not getting better.

- Vic Anderson Martinsburg, VA

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