Stand Against "Pension Reform" E-mail

Then came proposals to change our pension system from a defined benefit to a defined contribution – a switch that would enrich Wall Street investment firms who would take control of the funds from the pensions systems and obliterate a government’s responsibility to provide a secure retirement for employees after a lifetime of work.

Now the media is clamoring for pension reform – mostly because their employees are jealous of public safety retirement compensation. Jealousy aside, not one of them would do the work of a peace officer and not one of their editorials ever recognizes that the vast majority of law enforcement officers make substantial contributions to their retirement funds.

To all this I say, “Stand firm.” Resist pension reforms that will take anything away from new hires in your department. It’s time for the politicians, the press and everyone else to move on to another issue and stop their attempts to reform our pension systems that works perfectly well just the way it is.

– Floyd R. Hayhurst
Vice President, ALADS
LA County Sheriff’s Dept.


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