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Muscle strength diminishes rapidly during a physical confrontation.

Scientific research tells us that an officer’s strength level will reduce to 55 percent of maximum output at 30 seconds, and then drop to 35 to 31 percent at 60 seconds. So if you are able to bench press 100 lbs at the beginning of a confrontation, within 60 seconds at best you’re only able to press 35 lbs. The only energy reserve you have left is your aerobic strength.

Proper aerobic conditioning aids us not only in physical confrontations, but in all aspects of the job including combat breathing, mental endurance, stamina and our overall health by lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and stress. Aerobic conditioning also makes our hearts more efficient. The one exercise that any officer can do who has to pass a yearly or bi-yearly point test is run.

When you become an officer you absolutely lose the right to be out of shape, period.

Most (if not all) state requirements for physical fitness are so watered down that it’s almost a joke and doesn’t really test anything you may face in real life as an officer.

Bottom line – not everyone is cut out to be in law enforcement.

– Officer Chris Hluzek
Huntsville, Alabama P.D.
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