Wanting More or Less E-mail

Wanting more or less
The article “Donning and doffing suit to proceed,” in the May issue, confirms my notion that some Americans can be pretty corrupt.
These people always want a little bit more for a little bit less. While I’m not a police officer of any sort, I am enlisted in the United States Army. I can get fully dressed in ten minutes and be in full battle rattle in less than five. This includes a 35 pound IBA, ten pounds of water – mandatory regardless of whether we are in garrison or in battle – the standard kneepads and elbow pads, and our weapons system.

We aren’t getting paid “overtime” to “don and doff” our equipment and we don’t put it on and take it off just once a day. A minimum of five times a day we’re getting in and out of gear to accomplish different tasks and missions.

People, including police officers, politicians, and even movie stars, need to learn to be satisfied with what they’re doing or do something else.
It seems too easy to just cause a ruckus, like filing a law suit or taking things straight to the media than deal with problems on a more local level within the department or organization.

– Amanda Seibold, PFC, USA C Co,
319th Military Intelligence Battalion
Fort Bragg, NC


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