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There aren’t many places that cops can speak out against injustice like we can in American Police Beat. You all have my profound thanks as a former police and corrections officer and longtime subscriber.
I’m sure I’m not alone in my outrage at the TV news media, which, hours after the shooting at Virginia Tech, started looking for a fall guy.

The criticism of officers on the scene that they didn’t do more to stop the shooting is an insult. According to reporters, law enforcement officials should have shut down the entire campus of 26,000 students right after the first shooting.

Considering that the first crime scene was contained, why would police officials panic thousands of students and teachers needlessly?

Most murderers flee from the scene so they don’t get caught. No one would have the hindsight to think that a mass murder was about to take place a couple of hours later.

Instead of placing the blame on the guilty party who committed the crimes, the reporters seemed to be trying their best to make someone other than the gunman the fall guy for this terrible tragedy.

It’s another tragedy when the police, who are willing to lay down their lives every time they go to work, are accused of not doing their best. Shame on the news media.










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