January 2009 letters to Editor APB E-mail

Officers exonerated

I wanted to send you an update and a thank you from the Seattle Police Officers Guild. We were notified that the misdemeanor gun charges against the Seattle Police Officers and two Border Patrol Agents involved in the Sturgis incident were dropped. We want to thank each and every person and organization that took the time to write letters to the South Dakota Attorney General and the Meade County States Attorney, on behalf of our officers. We truly believe that these letters served an invaluable purpose in the pursuit of having these charges dismissed. Your support will be always remembered by the Seattle Police Officers Guild.

– Rich O’Neill, President Seattle Police Officers Guild

Seniority isn’t always best

I work in Bridgeport, Connecticut as a police officer. I am currently assigned to the Neighborhood Enforcement Team. Despite the fact that we are a highly successful unit, some of our fellow officers would like to see us disbanded and are actively working towards that goal. Their opposition to us is that officers on the Team are not picked by seniority. The city wants to keep us and so do the people in the neighborhoods, but there’s a chance the Team will be disbanded because of complaints from the union. This is a serious case study about why seniority should not be the exclusive criteria when deciding which officers might be more successful for certain projects.

– Name withheld upon request

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