Letters to the Editor
Attention police officers who are U.S. veterans E-mail

The National Veterans Coalition is looking for 'a few good police officers' who are U.S.Veterans, to join a political veteran action group to fight back at the ballot box in 2008.

Security guards are taking our jobs E-mail

There is a move afoot to eliminate 249 police officers from the Federal Protective Service. The FPS used to be under the General Services Administration. The GSA collected fees from other government agencies for providing police-security services.

Editorial Board Stirs the Pot For Its Own Profit E-mail

The New York Newsday editorial board has always been a strong advocate for bipartisan rather than partisan government, and cooperation rather than confrontation between labor and management.

The recent editorial “Command Decision” (May 6), instead of supporting and encouraging the newfound working relationship between Nassau County and the Nassau Police Benevolent Association, was a transparent attempt to undermine that relationship.

Stand Against "Pension Reform" E-mail
Here in California, we all remember the time when public employee pension reformers only wanted to end the so-called “pension spiking” of high-ranking public safety executives.

The headlines generated by that issue caused just enough interest among elected officials and Wall Street investment firms to keep us on the defensive for the last three or four years.

The issue of pension reform combines two issues that politicians and investment firms can’t resist – truckloads of money changing hands and four-column headlines in anti-public-employee newspapers.

Public employee pension systems and the benefits they provide for retirees were largely ignored by the press and politicians here in California up until about four years ago when members of the LA county Board of Supervisors announced their outrage at what is now called “pension spiking” by a few high-ranking public safety retirees. Many of us agreed.


Stop the Outsourcing E-mail

Last time I looked, American police officers work in America. The majority of us are members of a U.S.-based police union or organization. We get paid with American dollars.

When we equip our police departments do we buy American-made products made by American unionized workers? Well, maybe not.  As U.S. peace officers, we have an obligation to support American vendors that sell American-manufactured products. Look at your footwear. Pull the tags out on your garments. Look in your holsters and at your holsters. Give some thought to where you buy your gear and where it’s manufactured.

Upon a close examination, you may find that inexpensive uniform shirt is made in Sri Lanka and that nylon gear is made in Mexico.

If you look hard enough you’ll find there are still uniforms made in this country. Some high quality footwear is made here as is leather and nylon gear.

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