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Frustrated E-mail

Frustrated I’m a deputy in a small Sheriff’s Office in South Dakota. I have read other letters from officers with a similar problem, so I know I am not the only one with this problem. I have a great boss, but the problem is with the second in command; he has no officer safety skills, he is lazy, he is not totally honest. The last straw for me was when I heard he ignored a backup call while a state trooper and game warden responded. He stayed in the local convenience store. We are not a 24-hour operation, so after a certain time we are on-call. This deputy has failed to get his butt out of bed and respond to calls. I have been tempted to ask the sheriff what type of calls are we supposed to get out of bed for. Recently this deputy shaving-creamed another officer’s car; he said it was a practical joke. The sheriff calls him his “minister of presence” while the rest of us (including other agencies who work closely with our office) call him worthless. I know if I get hurt or even worse because of this deputy, either myself or my family will own this county!

– Frustrated in South Dakota

September Letters to APB E-mail

Fighting for our lives

The Vallejo Police Officers Association in California is in a fight for its life, and your  association may be next if the City of Vallejo can use bankruptcy to break our labor contract. We need your help to tackle this unprecedented assault on public employees. On May 23, 2008 the City of Vallejo filed for bankruptcy protection and shortly  afterwards filed a motion to nullify their collective bargaining agreements with all of their employee unions despite the fact that Vallejo is not bankrupt, has cash available to meet all its obligations, and is meeting its obligations to everyone except its employees and retirees. Vallejo blames their financial problems on the cost of wages and benefits, but that's not true.

May 2008 letters E-mail

Thanks a lot

I wanted to write a note to express my appreciation to you for providing the Anderson Police Department with a complimentary copy of American Police Beat. Each month we look forward to receiving it. American Police Beat is an excellent journal which brings us the latest and best in law enforcement news and issues. Again thank you for your service.

– Martin D. Brown, Chief Anderson Police Dept. Anderson, South Carolina

April 2008 letters to American Police Beat E-mail

Stop that song!

I was listening to a popular oldies station the other day and heard the lyrics below from a Beatles song, “Run For Your Life.” They are not even innuendos, the man is threatening to kill a little girl if she leaves him.

I’m a retired Reno P.D. sergeant. One of my most memorable and tragic calls was a murder/suicide where a man killed his estranged wife and then himself. I was first on the scene and unsuccessfully gave her CPR.

March 2008 letters to APB E-mail

The January 2008 article regarding divorce hits home for many of us in law enforcement. While some of us experience amicable agreement with custody arrangements, others aren't so lucky. After four years studying the matter, I've found many problems with our laws that seem to encourage divorce as well as custody battles that place children in the middle.

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