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Written by APB Staff   

Things are going really badly at the Department of Homeland Security. For instance, DHS has been trying to build a new headquarters on the campus of St. Elizabeths, the former Washington D.C. mental hospital, since 2006. It’s the biggest new Beltway construction project since the Pentagon. It was originally scheduled for completion in 2016. It’s $1 billion over budget and 10 years behind schedule.

In addition, DHS has been embarrassed by revelations that one of their employees was running a racist, black nationalist website where he calls the President of the United States a “mulatto traitor.”

And now some people are even beginning to ask the questions we all should have been asking 10 years ago.

Bill Mahr recently asked his guests this question:

“Do you think we can get rid of the Department of Homeland Security? I mean, this is one of those monstrosities that came out of 9/11. It has, I think, 240,000 regular employees -- Janet Napolitano quit at the top. The top 15 jobs there are vacant because no one wants to work there. It's thankless because some shit is going to happen and it's mostly luck, whether you're there or not when it happens. You can't stop everything. No one wants the job. Why don't we just get rid of it?

The King of Truthiness Stephen Colbert had this to say regarding the TSA getting into the public safety arena:

“They have the safety of this nation in the palm of their hands — also, your genitals,” Colbert said. “And they’re finding all sorts of places to do it.”

Colbert said the expansion of the TSA’s mission comes right on top of a federal report noted an increase in reports of misconduct and crimes by TSA agents.

“What you want to do is spread that misconduct over a broader sample size,” he said. “Just like if you ever cheat on your girlfriend, you have to get a bunch more girlfriends, so you’re more faithful per capita.”

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