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Written by APB Staff   

It’s uncanny how often the papers were filled with “FBI stops terror attack” stories after the bombings at the Boston Marathon. In addition to thwarting what federal officials say was a terrorist attack by a sovereign citizen type in Minnesota, we’ve learned that the Bureau arrived in no time after authorities received tips about a Muslim pressure cooker bomber parading around in public.

According to an article in The Daily Mail, a Saudi student living in Michigan was questioned in his home by FBI agents after neighbors saw him carrying a pressure cooker and called the police.

But it turns out the guy was not a threat. Talal al Rouki had been cooking a traditional Saudi Arabian rice dish called kabsah and was carrying it to a friend's house when residents got spooked.

According to reports in a Saudi newspaper, the FBI are increasingly vigilant about 'pressure cooker' homemade bombs after the Boston bombing.

While armed agents surrounded the city block where he lives, other agents questioned an extremely nervous Mr. al Rouki.

'They asked me about my major, when I arrived in the US and what I do in my spare time' he told the Saudi newspaper.

Officers said that two days earlier that a woman had seen him walking out of his apartment carrying the pressure cooker pot.

That caller described the color of the cooker as “bullet colored’.

The young student showed the agents his pressure cooker and explained to them he used it to make a rice dish.

One FBI agent reportedly said, “You need to be more careful moving around with such things, Sir.”

So if you look Middle Eastern, it might be a good idea not to walk around with pots or pans of any type, at least for a while.

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