Breast implants o.k. but tats need approval E-mail
Written by APB Staff   

What’s the difference between huge fake breasts and a tattoo of a badge? The answer is that one is kosher under the appearance directives for the U.S. Capitol Police and the other is not. According to a recent article in the National Journal, officers of the U.S. Capitol force face new rules on the size and content of tattoos that might offend tourists. And there’s also a ban on “outwardly visible branding,” whatever that is.

It’s all in a new appearance manual called “Grooming Standards.” Needless to say, it’s not going over too well with the rank and file.

It’s the size restrictions on visible tattoos that could pose a headache for most officers, particularly those assigned to bike duty in the muggy heat of Washington D.C. Fears that the wording of the “Body Modification” section might have outlawed boob-jobs turned out to be unfounded.

“The section states that ‘body modification other than for medically necessary rehabilitative purposes or common cosmetic procedures is prohibited.’ It goes on to define ‘purposeful body modification’ as including ‘any outwardly visible branding, scarring, resection, [or] subcutaneous implantation.’”

Capitol Police spokeswoman Lt. Kimberly Schneider says the section doesn’t “actually” ban those enhancements and police union officials have concluded that the language doesn’t forbid breast implants.

So apparently there are “bans” and then “actual bans.”

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