Illegal monkey marriage could not be stopped E-mail
Written by Mark Nichols   

People seem to get really worked up by the idea of gay marriage. But what about marrying a monkey? Surely there has to be a law against such abominable behavior! In the small village of Talwas, Rajasthan, “Raju,” a well-known cigarette-smoking monkey, and his bride “Chinki” were married, according to the website Stuff. It was a big deal as Raj is a big time local celebrity. Raj became a star in the area after Ramesh Saini, a rickshaw driver, adopted him three years ago when he found the monkey unconscious in the street. Ramesh, who’s single, considers Raj a surrogate son. “I want to enjoy the feelings of a son’s marriage through Raj’s wedding.” Ramesh told the publication.

“We will welcome the bride in our house ... after the wedding with all rituals.” The bride’s name is Chinki.

She lives with a priest in a nearby village. They fell in monkey love and that was that. Invitations were sent and the details were hammered out. Finally the big day arrived.

More than 2,000 guests were expected to attend the pre-wedding feast and to watch Raju ride atop a horse in a procession, Stuff reported. The wedding was planned in accordance with traditional Hindi customs, including sacred fires and fragrant incense.

A little cultural background is in order here.

Many Hindus revere monkeys because the deity Hanuman appeared in primate form.

They say love conquers all. But that’s not how it shook out for the hard-smoking would-be bride and groom.

Government officials outlawed the wedding because monkeys are technically government property. So marrying a monkey, even to another monkey, even if they’re both heterosexual, is illegal.

In a massive show of force, two hundred guards from the forest department flooded Talwas on the wedding day after warning that all guests would be arrested.

Hundreds of attendees showed up despite the threats, but Raj, Chinki and their owners fled the scene.

What kind of sick world are we living in when government agents prevent the consummation of true monkey love?

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