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Change you can believe in

In Utah, a man has been cited on a charge of disorderly conduct after paying for a disputed medical bill with 2,500 pennies. The Deseret News of Salt Lake City reported recently that Jason West went to Basin Clinic in Vernal to dispute an outstanding $25 bill. Assistant Vernal Police Chief Keith Campbell says that after asking staff members whether they accepted cash, West dumped 2,500 pennies on the counter. Campbell says the incident upset staff because pennies were strewn about the counter and floor, and West's action served "no legitimate purpose." Police issued the 38-year-old West a citation for disorderly conduct. That carries a fine of as much as $140. Hopefully he won’t pay with 14,000 pennies.

Young bust

In what just might be a record, a 10-year-old Central Texas boy has been given a ticket for wearing his seat belt incorrectly. Fourth-grader Marshall May says he was in a minivan's passenger seat when he stuck his head out the window and his seat belt slipped off. A Leander police officer pulled over the van that Marshall's 19-year-old aunt was driving and gave the boy a ticket. Texas law stipulates that the adult in the car is at fault when a child isn't properly secured by a seat belt. But the aunt was not ticketed. Interim Leander City Manager Robert Powers told the Austin American-Statesman that the officer made a mistake but the court decides whether to dismiss the ticket. Marshall printed his name on the ticket, saying "I don't have a signature because I'm 10 years old."

Dog show on drugs

Doping in the horse racing game has been a problem for centuries. Now it’s dog shows. A Pennsylvania man is facing animal cruelty charges in Illinois based on suspicion that he drugged a Siberian husky at a kennel club show. The Daily Herald reports 67-year-old Ralph Ullum of Claysville, Pa., faces misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty and attempted criminal damage to property. He's accused of drugging a rival dog that was competing against his girlfriend's dog at a December show in suburban Chicago.

Nice guy

According to the Associated Press, police say a Pittsburgh man who robbed a couple at gunpoint tried to return the money shortly thereafter but ended up being arrested by officers following a short foot chase. Pittsburgh police say 21-year-old Mark Givens accosted the couple last week in the city's Sheraden neighborhood. Givens allegedly pulled a gun on the couple and made off with $30. Givens' girlfriend tells WPXI-TV he then had a change of heart and wanted to return the money and apologize. But when he went to give the money back his victims were talking with police officers. The thief fled but was caught after a brief foot chase. Givens was detained on charges including robbery and resisting arrest. He's being held on $25,000 bail.

Youtube fight

In Winter Haven, Florida, authorities say a brother and sister beat up another girl during a Memorial Day fight that was captured on video and posted online. Sometime later, Winter Haven police arrested 18-year-old Walter Bouiye on charges of child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. His 16-year-old sister was charged with battery. The fight broke out after a crowd that included the siblings approached a 14-year-old girl who was in the neighborhood for a family holiday gathering. Police say Bouiye's sister and the girl began fighting over a boyfriend. They say Bouiye punched the girl and at one point kicked her in the face. The crowd scattered when police arrived. Police later found the video of the fight on YouTube.

Not mine

Federal agents in Houston have confiscated nearly $1 million in two bags that a man abandoned after denying that he knew anything about the cash. The Houston Chronicle recently reported that the money-filled rolling suitcase and gym bag were seized from a man from Mexico staying at an upscale hotel. Federal agents received a tip about possible drug money laundering and monitored the man's comings and goings, then confronted him May 26 as he prepared to check out. Investigators say the man, who had a valid U.S. visa, said he was given the bags for delivery in Houston. No further details were provided. The man was not arrested and left the hotel, abandoning more than $995,000. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says the forfeited cash will be used to fight crime.


Missouri police responding to an alligator sighting in a suburban Kansas City pond acted quickly to end the threat. But it wasn't until after the second rifle shot bounced off the beast's head that the three officers realized it was a concrete lawn ornament. In the cops’ defense, it was a very realistic ornament. Independence police spokesman Tom Gentry says a resident called to report that his children spotted a gator while playing in the woods near the pond. After a conservation agent advised police to kill the gator if they felt it posed a danger so an officer shot it twice in the head before realizing it wasn't moving. Gentry says the gator was partially submerged in weeds and looked very real as night time fell. The owner of the property says it was meant to scare off children.


Sometimes it’s just not that hard to spot a burglary suspect. In Florida recently, that task was made easier by the fact that the thief was riding his bicycle while carrying a 59-inch television. A bike patrol officer says 23-year-old Steven Long had wedged the television between the handlebars and his lap as he pedaled along on a recent Sunday morning. According to reports, he panicked when he saw the police officer, eventually ditching the bike and the stolen television. Police caught up with Long in a nearby backyard and questioned him. Officers later spoke with residents who had reported a burglary. They said they'd been asleep when someone busted in and took the TV. They identified the one Long had been carrying as theirs.

Really...? Sweet!

From the “why didn’t they do that when I was in eighth grade,” file, a group of central Pennsylvania eighth-graders were taken on a field trip to Baltimore included lunch at Hooters. The Berwick Middle School students were visiting the National Aquarium and afterward chaperones took them to various restaurants for lunch because the group of 100 was too large for just one eatery. The Bloomsburg Press Enterprise reported that one group of 15 to 20 students ended up at Hooters. Superintendent Wayne Brookhart says that while he wishes the group's coed chaperones had chosen another restaurant, he has not received any complaints from parents or the boys that dined at the “breasturant.” Hooters spokesman Mike McNeil says the restaurant chain often hosts groups, including sports teams and church organizations with teens and younger children.

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