You may now pepper spray the bride E-mail
Written by APB Staff   

According to a recent article in the Arizona Republic, a  wedding celebration in Gilbert, AZ could not have gone worse. It's not uncommon for a bride to shed a few tears on her wedding day but these tears came as the result of pepper spray after the bride assaulted a cop. Angela Davito, 28, was arrested at her reception after kicking a police officer at her wedding reception.

She was later charged with assault.

Officers were called when a fight broke out at the reception and were forced to use pepper spray to control the guests.

Police spokesman Hugh White said officers had to restrain Mrs. Davito after she became disorderly at the suburban home where her reception was held.

Officers responding to the disturbance call found a scene right out of the WWE.

There was a huge brawl in the backyard of the home and officers told everyone to stop fighting.

No one listened so the cops pepper-sprayed the crowd.

That seemed to get the crowd angry and aggressive toward the officers  resulting in the bride kicking one of the responding officers.

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