Moron gets arrested and publicly challenges officer to an M.M.A. fight E-mail
Written by APB Staff   
It must be nice to have as much free time as Rich Stephens. The Missouri man has turned his animosity towards a police officer from Byrnes Mill, MO into a full-fledged media operation.

Stephens claims that he was roughed up during an arrest in Byrnes Mill, south of Saint Louis. Now Stephens is ridiculing the officer's agency by holding up signs where traffic is heavy. Stephens has painted a sign on his pickup truck that reads "What's short, fat and round all over? A Byrnes Mill cop."

Stephens says people that see the sign honk their horns and give them a thumbs up.

"It's been overwhelming," Stephens says. In addition to staging his one-man protest, Stephens also took out a full-page ad in a Jefferson County newspaper claiming Byrnes Mill police officer Tim Walker kicked him and shoved him into a police car for no reason.

The ad challenges the officer to a mixed martial fight.

It's unclear from the CNN article if Stephens is serious about wanting to fight the cop that arrested him. But if it's a joke, the Byrnes Mill Police Department doesn't think it's funny. "My opinion is it's borderline harassment and making a threat against a law enforcement officer," Police Chief Ed Locke told CNN.

Stephens says that if the cop agreed to the fight, he'd sell tickets but give the proceeds to charity. "I don't want a nickel, I just want his head on my hand is what I want," Stephens said.

Stephens decided not to file a formal complaint, saying he expects more results by doing things his own way.
The police chief says formal complaints are thoroughly investigated and that Stephens' approach is childish and dangerous.

"If every officer that pulled someone over and they weren't happy if they were challenged to a fighting match," Locke said, "Certainly those officers would all be suspended or lose their job."

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