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What started as a routine stop to help a disabled tractor-trailer in North Carolina rapidly turned into something you're more likely to see in a movie theater than on the road.

When Brandon Jenkins, a Wake master deputy, arrived to help, about 50,000 honeybees were swarming around the stalled vehicle.

If you've never seen a large-scale bee swarm, it's quite something.

The noise alone from the buzzing is shockingly loud.
"About 60 or so boxes of bees had fallen off the truck," according to sheriff's spokeswoman Phyllis Stephens.

The truck driver, Kenneth Marshall, was en route from Dobson to Rocky Mount, so Jenkins contacted a Rocky Mount tow service.

The tow truck driver and Jenkins bravely helped Marshall put the boxes back onto the truck as the bees continued to swarm.

"There was some concern because it was close to a neighborhood," Stephens told various media outlets.
Marshall told Deputy Jenkins that the swarming bees would most likely follow the truck holding the rest of the boxes when it pulled away. But as you can see from the photo, the insects decided the cruiser was probably the best place to figure out what to do next.

Editor's note: Police officers, especially those with serious allergies to bee stings, might want to consider carrying an epinephrine pen, sometimes referred to as an "epi pen." The pen contains a syringe loaded with the medication in case you are stung and experience a severe allergic reaction.

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