Note to self: Do not Peeping-Tom UFC fighter's house E-mail
Written by APB Staff   
Let's be frank - if some scumbag tries to secretly videotape a couple in their own home, he definitely deserves the ass-whipping he would likely get if the pervert was caught in the act. That's just what happened in Coral Springs, Florida recently when a guy with a camcorder tried to videotape a local firefighter and his girlfriend.

"I picked the wrong house," the suspect reportedly said, "because a UFC fighter lived there and beat me up."

Kenneth Parkerson apparently doesn't know that he's actually lucky. The beat down could have easily been multiple gunshot wounds had he picked a different house.

According to local media reports, Parkerson, 28, allegedly sneaked into the home's screened patio, carrying a video camera. Pembroke Pines firefighter Ireneusz Fajkis, the homeowner, chased Parkerson and tackled him to the ground, police say.

Parkerson was arrested on one count of burglary, one count of video voyeurism, one count of marijuana possession and one count of tampering with evidence for allegedly trying to destroy the camera while he was being chased.

Remember, kids - drugs, criminal voyeurism and stupidity are a bad combination.

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