It's A Great City Even When You're Dead. E-mail
Written by APB Staff   
In New York City recently, funeral director Paul DeNigris parked his Dodge minivan in a "No Parking Anytime" zone outside Redden's Funeral Home in Manhattan.

Leaving the dead body in the van, DiNigris went inside the funeral parlor to take care of some business.
DeNigris had slapped his "Funeral Director on Official Business" sign in the window and like a lot of people that ferry the dead to and fro, was not worried about getting towed.

So you can imagine his surprise when he came back out to find the van, and the corpse it contained, gone.

The NYPD says the van was ticketed at 9:22 AM, and towed about three hours later.

"The car was just gone," the funeral director told the New York Daily News.

The corpse was supposed to be bound for Newark Airport, then onto Miami for cremation, but was now on an impromptu tour of the city.

At the West Side tow pound, "I tried not to be too loud," DeNigris explained. "I didn't want to scream, ‘I'm the guy from the funeral home with the car with the person in the back.' We try to be discreet.'"

Luckily for the director, the guys at the tow pound were good sports and waived the $185 fee when returning the minivan.

But DeNigris plans to fight the $110 parking ticket, because a funeral vehicle transporting a body is immune to parking regulations.

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