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Written by APB Staff   
Joshua Vasquez is a criminal responsible for vandalizing countless locations in L.A. County.

Local law enforcement is well aware of his tagging activities, which have been prolific. But taggers are notoriously tough to catch - most of the time.

Fortunately for the 100+ sheriff's deputies and police officers attending a law enforcement training class, Mr. Vasquez picked the wrong spot to do his crime.

The assembled cops all saw a 22-year-old man quickly etch the glass door that leads directly into a City of Commerce meeting room where the training was taking place.

As Vasquez began to open the door to etch the inside, he saw dozens of deputies and officers running directly towards him.

He turned and ran down the sidewalk as half the class of deputies and officers crammed through the doorway to go after him.

After about 30 feet, Vasquez tripped over his own feet and a curb. The momentum caused him to launch forward and fall down to the ground. Several deputies were within feet of him and restrained the suspect until backup arrived.

Captain Mike Parker with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. was teaching the class at the time and got quite a kick out of the whole affair.

"We were discussing the importance of having backup when engaged in foot pursuits," Parker said. "Suddenly, the attention of the entire class was drawn to the doorway because for a moment it looked like the suspect was waving at us. "We quickly realized he was actually etching the glass, and then the whole class went after him. Looking at the door later on, it turns out we could see him, but he couldn't see us. It would appear he picked the wrong room to vandalize."

Parker said the incident occurred at 4:30 PM and the class had only 45 minutes to go. When Captain Parker ran out with the other officers, he was still wearing his wireless microphone.

It turns out everything the Captain was saying was transmitted back into the classroom, where all the cops who couldn't get through the door were still located. One officer said the group got a big laugh when Captain Parker suggested adding a charge to the list - "another felony for interrupting my class."

After deputies placed him, handcuffed, into the back seat of a sheriff's radio car, Vasquez - who is six-foot-four and 280 pounds - kicked out the rear window before being further restrained. Vasquez was booked for felony vandalism to the glass door and vandalism to the radio car.

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