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$128 million error

A central Kentucky autoworker is lucky he held on to the $128 million Powerball ticket he bought on Christmas Eve during some last minute shopping. The ticket was a “mistake.” Lottery officials said Rob Anderson and his wife were winners of the largest jackpot in the state’s history. The Andersons said they didn’t initially believe they had won the $128.6 million jackpot after buying lottery tickets together for 12 years. Rob Anderson, 39, said the winning ticket was a misprint that he decided to keep while buying stocking stuffers at a Georgetown, Kentucky gas station. He wanted to buy three tickets at $1 for three people, but the clerk gave him one ticket instead. “The clerk ran the $3 Quick Pick but he put it all on one ticket, and I was like, doggone it, I needed three separate tickets,” Anderson said. The clerk asked him if he wanted to keep the ticket, which had three sets of random numbers. “Yeah, I got a couple extra dollars,” Anderson said, and he bought three more tickets to give as gifts.

Blood and beer

In Tacoma, Washington, an outfit that runs blood donations has come up with a sure-fire way to increase donor participation – free beer. A Washington state blood center is offering donors the following deal: give a pint of blood, get a pint of beer. Cascade Regional Blood Services in Tacoma says its “Give blood, get beer,” promotion has worked so well that it’s currently being expanded. The News Tribune of Tacoma reported that donors who are at least 21 years old are given a coupon for a free pint of beer. Participating pubs and restaurants must wait at least four hours after the blood drive ends before donors can collect their free pint.

Deadly DIY

There’s nothing that a reasonably intelligent homeowner can’t fix him or herself if they have the right “do it yourself” books. Unfortunately, a lot of people have the wrong books. Oxmoor House, a publisher out of Birmingham, Alabama, recently recalled nearly one million home improvement books because of errors that could lead do-it-yourselfers to make risky mistakes while installing or repairing their electrical wiring. The errors in technical diagrams and wiring instructions could cause people to be shocked or create a fire hazard. In announcing the voluntary recall, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said no incidents have been reported.


A Swiss court recently slapped a wealthy speeder with a massive ticket based entirely on his wealth. The guy must be loaded, because the ticket was $290,000. Judges at a court in St. Gallen, in eastern Switzerland, based the record-breaking fine on the speeder’s estimated wealth of more than $20 million dollars. A statement on the court’s Web site says the driver, who is a chronic speeder according to police records, drove up to 35 miles an hour faster than the 50-mile-an-hour limit. The Blick daily newspaper in Zurich reported the fine was more than twice the previous Swiss record of about $107,000.


In New Mexico, members of a grieving family are suing a funeral home, claiming their mother’s brain was sent home in a bag of personal effects given to them after her funeral. The lawsuit filed on behalf of four family members in state District Court in Albuquerque says the discovery was made the day after interment, when relatives smelled a foul odor coming from a bag they received from DeVargas Funeral Home and Crematory of the Espanola Valley. The Albuquerque Journal reported on the lawsuit in a recent article.


What do you do if you’re head over heels in love and want to get married but can’t afford a ceremony? You get out there and start collecting cans, that’s what. A Spokane, Washington couple are collecting aluminum cans to help pay for their wedding. Andrea Parrish and Peter Geyer already have more than 18,000 cans in their living room. That’s almost five  percent of their goal of collecting 400,000 of the containers. In a recent CNN interview from their house, it looked like they were already starting to run out of room. The Spokesman-Review newspaper says that 400,000 cans would be about five tons of aluminum, worth about $3,800 when recycled. Looks like a cash bar scenario in the making.

Hair scare

In Portland, Oregon, a man accused of sneakily snipping a fellow bus passenger’s hair as he sat behind her New Year’s Eve is a suspect in series of other very similar incidents, according to local prosecutors. Jared Weston Walter pleaded not guilty in Multnomah County Circuit Court to third-degree robbery, interfering with public transit, second-degree disorderly conduct, and harassment. During the hearing, Deputy District Attorney Chuck French said the 22-year-old is a suspect in other incidents in which women riders have either had their hair cut or glued on TriMet buses. The glue-hair fetish is a new one on us.

Good egg

A New York City cab driver is being praised for returning over $21,000 lost by a visitor from Italy. Felicia Lettieri, who’s 72, left her purse in a Manhattan taxi on Christmas Eve. It contained traveling money for herself and six relatives. Police wisely told them not to get their hopes up about the cash being returned. Call it a Christmas miracle – the cabbie drove about 50 miles, to a Long Island address he’d found in the purse. No one was home, so he left his phone number. He then returned with the money when the family contacted him. Lettieri’s daughter, Maria Rosaria Falonga, told Newsday from Pompei, Italy that the cabbie also left a note. He told her: “Don’t worry, Felicia. ... I’ll keep it safe.” The driver, Mukul Asaduzzaman, could not be reached for comment. He refused a reward.


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