Easier Than Getting Out? E-mail
Written by APB Staff   
In Florida, a man was recently arrested for trying to break into jail. In Brevard County, the con, named Sylvester Jiles, was released from the jail recently after being sentenced to eight years probation in the 2007 shooting death of Dustin Prouse.

The state said shaky witnesses forced them to give Jiles a plea deal. But just three days later, Jiles demanded to be booked again for his own protection.

According to Jiles, people were threatening his life for "snitching." And when jail officials refused to allow him back inside, Jiles climbed a barbed-wire fence and then tried to climb through razor wire.

"He came over the top of the fence and fell down with all of his body weight through three layers of that and suffered some pretty serious cuts to his body," Brevard County Sheriff's Office Maj. Greg Purden told the Associated Press.

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