Shamu + LSD = Bad E-mail
Written by Jose Torres   
If you want to check out the wondrous marine experience that is Sea World in Orlando, Florida, you should definitely wear a shirt, pay for a ticket, and perhaps most importantly - don't take lots of acid.

That advice was lost on a sweaty, shirtless man out of his mind on LSD at the popular tourist attraction. The hallucinating and shirtless offender was shot with a stun gun several times after trying to enter SeaWorld without paying, according to an Orange County Sheriff's report.

God knows what Nicholas Casanova, 23, of Miami, was "seeing" as he waved a 30-inch-wide recycling bin cover as a shield and repeatedly shouted "never, never!" during a scuffle with deputies.

Minutes before the melee, Deputy Christopher Barrette, a uniformed, off-duty deputy, spotted Casanova trying to get into the park without paying. He was shirtless, which is a violation of park rules. Worse than that, he was sweating like a crook at a cop convention.

When Deputy Barrette approached Casanova, the suspect simply left the scene.
But he was back after about five minutes and now seemed extremely excited. Barrette approached Casanova, who ignored him completely.

At that point, the deputy touched Mr. Casanova on his right arm.

Casanova broke away from the officer's grip, and the shirtless man and the deputy began to struggle. At some point Barrette got the suspect on the ground, where the deputy was assisted by a security guard that sat on the suspect's legs.

But the excited and delirious Casanova broke free again and Barrette, concerned for the safety of park guests, shocked him with a stun gun. But it was to no avail.

"Never," Casanova said as electricity coursed through his acid-laden body and brain. So Barrette shocked him again. But the deputy and Casanova continued their dance.

"Never," Casanova repeated. Barrette fired once more.This time the desired result was forthcoming. "OK, OK," Casanova replied.

As Deputy Barrette tried to handcuff him, Casanova continued to struggle. Barrette received a minor cut from his handcuffs.

The struggle continued as Casanova made his way over to a bench near a recycling can with Barrette continuing to shock him. Casanova then grabbed the can's lid and swung it at the deputy. Afterward, he tried to jump into a nearby water feature, but got caught up in a rope surrounding the exhibit.

Deputies used the rope to restrain Casanova. He was taken to Dr. P. Philips Hospital, where tests showed he had LSD in his bloodstream.

Casanova faces counts of battery on a law-enforcement officer, battery on a security officer, resisting an officer with violence, disorderly conduct and aggravated assault on a law-enforcement officer.

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