Crooks R Us E-mail
Written by Mike Flem   

Sometimes the lengths criminals will go to steal stuff are amazing. According to CBS News, a 70-year-old woman and her adult son allegedly stole more than $2 million in expensive toys from Toys R Us. The scam was simple. They just took the most expensive items and hid them in inside the boxes of cheaper products that they bought at more than 100 Toys R Us stores across the country.

No warrants required E-mail
Written by Mark Nichols   

If you’re a cop in Illinois, fighting the war on drugs just got a little easier. No longer will law enforcement need an o.k. from a judge in the form of a warrant to tap phones in drug investigations. Saying the change was about officer safety and the need for quicker drug arrests, Gov. Pat Quinn (D) signed House Bill 4081 into law last summer.

Nice work you guys E-mail
Written by Cynthia Brown   

In Cambridge, Massachusetts, home of Harvard, MIT and American Police Beat, a group of heroic cops risked their lives recently when they raced into a raging house fire where residents were trapped inside.
“You’re coughing in there. You can taste the metal, the soot in your mouth. You can feel the burning in your lungs,” Cambridge police officer, Nicholas Mochi told reporters with WHDH News.

Breast implants o.k. but tats need approval E-mail
Written by APB Staff   

What’s the difference between huge fake breasts and a tattoo of a badge? The answer is that one is kosher under the appearance directives for the U.S. Capitol Police and the other is not. According to a recent article in the National Journal, officers of the U.S. Capitol force face new rules on the size and content of tattoos that might offend tourists. And there’s also a ban on “outwardly visible branding,” whatever that is.

Sheriff uses social media to name K9 E-mail
Written by Cynthia Brown   

After a week of voting and more than 300 nominations, the name that earned the most votes in the Collier County, Florida Sheriff’s Office “Name The Service Dog” contest was Lola. According to Sheriff Kevin Rambosk, Lola earned 73 “likes” on the Collier County Facebook page, making it the name for a spunky golden retriever puppy in the agency’s service dog program. It was first submitted by John Gray, 24, of Naples.

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