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Many law enforcement agencies have gone to a more casual uniform for typical duty assignments and now Elbeco has developed the perfect blend of traditional looking uniform shirts and trousers with the fit, flex and function of today’s advanced fabrics. The result is uniform components that are the ultimate in comfort, durability and ease of care. They also have plenty of pockets, strategically reinforced areas and many more features. is honored to bring Elbeco’s new garments to market, providing law enforcement professionals with a new choice., the leading online source for law enforcement professionals, has added the latest enhanced version of Elbeco’s Response line of uniforms.

These garments offer the latest in fabric technology for the ultimate in comfort, durability, enhanced performance and ease of care.

T2 Shirts and Tek2 Shirts and Trousers with ultra-comfortable fabric tested to stand up to the daily punishment of any first responder’s day. They have gone further by incorporating convenient features like a Covert Flex Waistband in the trousers, while the shirts feature new Flex Underarm Vents and Dual Comm Wire Access Openings. Superior color matching makes the addition of more uniform components worry free and maintains a complete, cohesive and professional look.  

Order this great new apparel today and set off a trend in your agency. You’ll be glad you did.

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